Coachella Fashion

From Woodstock in 1969, festivals throughout the years have been filled with music, friends, drugs and… you guessed it, FASHION. Sometimes after these big festivals I find myself ignoring which bands headlined and instead researching which designers headlined. Just recently, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival served as a Red Carpet opportunity for designers on a mixture of grass and dirt in the middle of a desert. Hmmm, can you say boho styles?

Coachella was more than just two fun-filled weekends, though. It was the perfect opportunity for brands like H&M, Old Navy, Guess and Opening Ceremony to promote themselves on a ton of really hot bods. The PR ploy still has people talking even after the event has come to an end.

Sometimes people forget the event side of PR. They forget how effective special events can be to a brand’s reputation, especially those in the fashion industry. Coachella, although a festival meant for music, turned into a stylish sensation. Here’s how.

Social media

Guess Tweet's about Coachella Music Festival Guess was very prominent on Twitter during the festival. They used the medium to promote themselves by hyping up their followers with personal, light-hearted tweets. Guess also invited its fans to post their “Outfit Of The Day” with the hashtag LoveGUESS to be featured in its gallery. Their account was flooded with boho fashion tips and pictures of the hottest Coachella outfits that reached its 170,000 followers. Guess found the beauty in social media – a wide audience reach to create buzz around their brand.


H&M and Alexander Wang

H&M and Wang announce partnership at CoachellaFirst of all, if you didn’t already know, H&M AND ALEXANDER WANG ARE COLLABORATING! I was so excited to hear the news but even more excited about how they announced it. The popular brand and genius designer held a party at Coachella. Each brand sent invites to separate parties, but when guests arrived from two separate enterances to one venue, they realized they were at a joint event. SURPRISE! What better way to announce a designer collab than at a festival with thousands of people dressed to impress?

Old Navy and Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough wears Old Navy

“Dancing With The Stars” veteran Julianne Hough was all about Old Navy denim and boho necklaces this year at Coachella. This strategic partnership showed that stars didn’t have to dress in garments tagged at thousands of dollars to look great – this simple $24 chambray paired with cut-offs would do just fine. This look is so laid back and relatable to, well, normal people. Within days, media was blowing up with Hough’s outfit and Old Navy had fostered a new reputation – affordable, playful, chic. Other celebrities were not only given free clothes, but paid to wear them so designer’s brands would be captured by paparazzi.


Sephora touch up tent

Sephora brought beauty to the festival. It had a Sephora Collection tent on Coachella grounds for makeup touchups by stylists after everyone sweated it off in the desert. Ew. But how genius, right? Festival-goers were able to pop in the tent to cool down, charge their phones and freshen up with Sephora products. Celebs and artists were getting touched up too before they went on stage. The company had a huge presence at the festival and gained an even bigger presence on social media. The brand was able to reach thousands of people over two weekends. Kudos to you, Sephora.

Coachella was a huge success in the fashion industry. PR helped fill the tabloids with fashion and designer names. If you’ve seen it on Julianne Hough, you’ll see it on thousands of others this summer.

Did you attend Coachella this year or were you inspired by any outfits at the festival? Let me know in the comment section below!


DIY Matte Nails


Today I’m featuring DIY matte nail polish. Although this video is from last fall, I am still a huge fan of this look and think it is an endless style. Chic nails can pull an outfit together and now it can be done with ingredients found in the kitchen!

What you’ll need:

Technique 1: Your fave nail polish and cornstarch. You can also use baking soda as a substitute.

Technique 2: Clear nail polish and your fave eyeshadow color. Personally, I like this technique because it gives the opportunity to repurpose and upcycle old eyeshadow pallets or colors I don’t wear anymore. Phew, good thing I hoard all of my old makeup!

What you’ll do:

Technique 1: Mix a small amount of cornstarch or baking soda with a few drops of nail polish on a plate using a cotton swab. This is great because you don’t have to transform an entire bottle of shiny polish into a matte finish. Best of both worlds!

Technique 2: Break up an old eyeshadow into a fine powder and add a few drops of clear nail polish on a plate. I love this because you can create any color polish you want. This is perfect for my 80-color pallets that have neon hues that I (should) only wear on Halloween!  

Why you’ll love:

Both of these techniques dry with an eye catching matte finish that will pull together any look. This DIY beauty project is just as good as a salon and much cheaper than buying a whole new bottle of polish. Yes please!


Check out the how-to video by POPSUGAR Beauty for the step-by-step process on making your very own matte nail polish. Did you love this just as much as me? Tell me about it in the comment section!

DIY Summer Styles

I’ve recently become very intrigued with adding modern, industrial accessories to my wardrobe. Especially during the summer at the beach under the sun, I think this look pairs great with some white lace shorts, a bathing suit top and a fun hat. Or, maybe that’s all I can think about because I live in Ohio and winter is holding on as long as possible.

I needed a new bracelet that was fun and would grab some attention. I’m always on the look out for statement pieces that aren’t typically seen. I searched Pinterest and found another easy, cheap DIY fashion project. Follow the steps below to make your own twine bracelet using industrial hexagonal nuts.

Step 1.

You will need scissors, twine in a color of your choice and at least ten hexagonal nuts in gold or silver. You should be able to find these items laying around the house. I used a tan twine with silver nuts because I needed a new silver accessory. I like the smaller nuts better for a less bulky look, but that is up to you.

What you'll need

Step 2.

Cut three pieces of twine. Personally, I love wrap bracelets so I cut mine at about three feet in length. You can cut off any extra later if you decide that’s too long. Tie a knot using the three pieces of twine and tape the extra material above the knot to a flat surface.

Step 3. 

You’re ready to begin braiding. Braid the pieces of twine as much as you’d like. I braided mine about six inches so it was long enough to wrap around my wrist. Then, beginning with the left string, slide a nut onto the string and place it over the center string. Repeat this for the right string and continue braiding the nuts into the bracelet. Make sure to hold the braid tight and the nuts in place so they don’t slide around. You’ll want them to stay together in a row for a clean look.

photo 2-3

Step 4.

Braid the rest of the twine to your desired bracelet length. Tie another knot with the twine as close to the braid as possible to secure the bracelet. Now you’re able to cut off any extra material. You’re done! You should have ended up with a great new accessory to modernize any look… for free!

Twine & Nuts Bracelet How To

Here is a very helpful visual I found on Pinterest that will walk you through each step. I love this paired with other wrist accessories. I wear my Michael Kors watch with my industrial wrap bracelet and a ring or two for extra flair to my outfits. I’m so excited for summer and have already began brainstorming new fashion and beauty DIY ideas that could dress up our new bracelets. Stay tuned for warmer weather and sunshine added to Campus Runway in the weeks to come!

Birchbox: A girl’s BFF

photo 1-2I just recently subscribed to Birchbox, my new favorite site to shop the best beauty and grooming products you can find. They are partnered with hundreds of well-known brands and have a complete shopping catalog where you can purchase anything from lifestyle accessories to makeup. As if that wasn’t enough, for only $10 a month, Birchbox delivers a handful of samples in a cute little box right to your door. I’m a new member, and just received my second box this week. I have been pleasantly surprised by everything it’s filled with, and have even found some of my new favorite products. My favorite part about Birchbox is that it provides its customers with a great point system. You are able to quickly accumulate points by referring friends, reviewing products and even purchasing items.  100 points = $10 in the store. I easily build my point status by 50 points each month by simply reviewing my box’s products. It’s free money, ladies, and free money means we can look great without breaking the bank.

photo 2-2

Here are a few of my favorite product samples I received in my February and March boxes. This plethora of products includes:

Read on for my thoughts on which of these are absolute must-haves.

My prince, Harvey

photo 4

Cherie Blossom by Harvey Prince should be owned by every girl, like, now. This scent combines cherry blossom with vanilla and musk. It’s romantic, delicate and playful, making it perfect for a college girl on a night out. Apply under the cloths to pulse points for all-day (or night) wear.

Full-size, $55

COOLA’S cool

photo 3-2

Next, is COOLA’S Tinted Matte with SPF 30. This product is for the face and offers great sun protection. I typically use this type of product with a high SPF in the summer, but remember it’s important to apply sun protection everyday. This is an entirely organic tinted bb cream meant to moisturize, even tone and mask flaws. Tinted mattes should be applied to clean skin as a concealer before you begin your beauty routine.

Full-size, $36

Take me to London

photo-3I am so happy I received the Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion. Before I was introduced to the product, I had the worst dry hands from this terrible Ohio winter. This lotion is fast absorbing and hydrates the skin perfectly. I also like to use it on tough spots like my knees, feet and elbows. The body lotion doesn’t have an over empowering  scent like other products tend to. The aroma is very light and soothes me after a long day. The sample size was great; wherever I go, so does my London Collection Body Lotion.

Full size, $16

Protect these locks

photo 5Lastly, but certainly not least, I love my Protect & Oil by Beauty Protector. I use this product every day on my thick, wavy hair. It adds shine, silkiness and keeps my waves under control. To apply, add a few drops to damp hair from roots to ends before air drying, blow drying or straightening. Protect & Oil doesn’t only protect my brunette locks, but also makes them smell like a vanilla cupcake. Yum.

Full size, $25.95

For only $10 a month, these product samples are totally worth it and affordable for a college beauty addict. I can’t wait to build up my points for my first free shopping spree. I have my eye on you, Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeshadow Palette No. 1.

Is Birchbox your BFF too or will you make an acquaintance soon? Tell me about your favorite products in the comment section!

Three Tips In Three Minutes

I put the pro in procrastination. From writing papers to getting out of bed for class, I wait until the last minute in everything I do. Some days I’m running so late it’s hard to throw a look together I rock hard enough to walk out the door. I’m all about looking and feeling my best, but with class, work and oh, a life, sometimes the stress weighs me down. I could stay in bed forever. Procrastination is a bad habit I need to eventually break, but for now I rely on a few basic beauty hacks to make my life easier.

Pulling together a morning on-the-go beauty routine doesn’t have to consist of just the basics. There are ways to enhance and make your features pop so you’re ready to face a new day. The best part? These three tips are easy, quick and right at your fingertips.

TIP #1

I start with a thin layer of concealer or tone corrector under my eyes. I personally use and love e.l.f. Essential Tone Correcting Concealer. You can find it at your local Target for $1.00. It gives great all day coverage for just change you could probably scrounge up in your pocket. Concealing under the eye masks those dark circles from lack of sleep and stress. For me, this is the most important step in my beauty routine.

People tend to conceal under the eyes the wrong way. Rather than a few dots under the eye, try applying in a triangular shape. This gives an extra lift to the eye and highlights underneath. It also makes it easier to blend into your foundation once it’s time. Rub gently under the eye. Be sure to not tug to prevent unnecessary wrinkles!


Finish this up with your foundation, powder, bronzer and a dash of blush. Now you’re ready for tip numero dos.

TIP #2

My favorite part in any look? Lashes! In my opinion, a gal’s lashes should be full and long in any look. But first, apply your highlights and eye shadow (or not, depending on what kind of mood you’re in). I also like to draw on a fine eye liner to my top lid to create a fuller looking lash.


I use my new favorite product, Cynthia Rowley liquid liner.

This next part may sound a little strange, but stick with me. Using a cotton swab, apply baby powder to the tips of your naked lashes. Now, put on your mascara, check yourself out in the mirror and repeat. Continue this process until you get the lashes you want. The baby powder creates an extension to your lashes and makes them appear fuller. Don’t forget to curl your lashes before this routine to give them a little extra “umph.”


TIP #3

Lips, lips and more lips. I love adding color to my looks with lipstick. I saw this super easy trick on AllDayChic and fell in love with the idea. First, line your lip with a darker shade than the lipstick you’ll apply. Put on your lipstick and rub the tip of one of your fingers on a shimmery powder. I use the same eyeshadow color I highlight my eyes with. Gently pat the tip of your frosted finger over your colored lips and BAM! You’ve got 3-D lips that stand out and look flawless all day.


In three easy steps I’m off to class and feeling great! Did you try these tips or any other fashion hacks? Let me know in the comment section! I’m always up for new ideas.

DIY Sweater Legs

The other day I pulled on my pair of black and gray floral-print leggings that looks perfect with my new slub knit hi-low maroon sweater from Charlotte Russe. I mixed and matched great accessories, primped my hair and was just about to put on my black combats and go to class when I looked in the mirror and realized, “Shoot! This outfit would be perfect with leg warmers.”

After rummaging through the bottomless pit that is my dresser drawer, I managed to find zero pairs of my leg warmers. Where could they all be? Oh well, I had a sweater. Confused? Hang in there and follow the steps below to learn this quick and easy DIY fashion tip.

  1. Pick a sweater, any sweater. I would suggest one of those old ones you have hanging around in the back of your closet you don’t wear anymore. Or, you could probably sacrifice the one with the reindeer and snowflakes you wore to an ugly Christmas sweater party. I personally chose this out-of-style black and gray argyle sweater I haven’t worn in a few years.


  1. Simply cut off the arms of your ugly sweater at the seam of the armpit. It doesn’t have to be a perfect cut. We’ll fix that later.


  1. Slide the sleeve of the sweater over your calf. You may want to try these on with a pair of pants or leggings to make sure the sweater’s material is a good fit around your leg. Too tight and it will be uncomfortable. Too loose and the leg warmers will slide off and be too snug  with shoes or boots.


  1. This is the fun part. Decide how long or short you want your leg warmers. Wear them up to the knee or just above the ankle, up to you. Just make sure you keep in mind what kind of shoes you’ll accessorize with. Take a marker and draw a line on your leg warmers marking how high you want them on your leg.
  2. Take the sleeves of the sweater off your legs, cut along the line and you officially have new leg warmers. The best part? They’re free!


Call me crazy, but I have anxiety when it comes to parting with my old clothes. I love this quick DIY project because it allows me to recycle and repurpose my garments.

Once you’re finished you can get creative and decorate them how you want. I’ve seen hearts and buttons sewn on the material. My favorite pair of leg warmers have a cute bow sewn on the top that looks cute with a pair of knee-high boots.

Repurposing sweater sleeves isn’t limited to leg warmers. There are tons of creative DIY ideas you can try.

Needless to say, in about five minutes my outfit was finally complete with a new pair of gray leg warmers and I was off to class.

Photo on 2-24-14 at 10.33 AM #2

Try this fashion-filled project and share your pictures below in the comment section!

Wake Up and Smell The (Coffee) Scrub


For those of you who are just as obsessed with coffee as I am, this recipe is quick, simple and will leave your skin soft and energized.

I love my coffee scrub because it’s nourishing and exfoliates dry skin leaving my whole body silky smooth… oh, and it smells really good. Believe it or not, coffee also temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite. Caffeine tightens the skin by drawing out excess liquid resulting in a firmer complexion. WARNING: use in moderation. Too much caffeine can draw out too much liquid and dehydrate your skin. For other awesomely healthy skincare benefits of coffee, click here.

Coffee scrub contains coconut oil, which has recently become a beauty staple. No wonder, because it’s got so many healthy benefits. Coconut oil has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal  properties. When I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, I scrub some on my hands and neck before I go to bed. In the morning, I notice some of the symptoms have subsided. Also, coconut oil is a fatty acid. Fatty acids reinforce the skin’s natural fats and oils called lipids, and locks in moisture for balanced hydration. Coconut oil can even be used for hair conditioner and teeth whitener! Learn how here.

I actually love this scrub more than I like my sugar scrub from Bath and Body Works. I mean, it’s cheaper, healthier and quicker than running out to get a jar. You can’t go wrong.

You will need five ingredients, all typically found around a college kitchen.

  • 1 cup coffee grounds (I like to use full beans and grind them for my desired consistency)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

Mix the coffee grounds, sugar and salt in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil at a time mixing gently. Finish your homemade scrub off with the olive oil, stir and… voilà!

Feel free to use flavored coffee for different aromas. I personally like french vanilla for a softer scent. Hazelnut is my go-to when I take a candle-lit bubble bath.

My coffee scrub is a perfect start to my mornings and energizes me for a long day of classes. I typically use it in bubble baths, at the sink and even to shave.

It’s great for a bathroom accessory too! I keep mine in a little mason jar because I prefer a more vintage look. Decorate the jar with a bow, a piece of burlap or whatever you find around your college apartment or dorm for a cute addition to your tub or counter.

Coffee scrub could also be a simple yet creative gift idea for your roommate (well, as long as she loves coffee). Mix some up, pour it in a container and wrap it with a few candles and maybe some wine for a relaxing bath.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

P.S. Technically, you can eat this stuff. I haven’t, but if you do let me know what it’s like.